Kay's Face & Body Therapy use only the highest quality products from the very best suppliers. These products are carefully selected to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment.

Found in the very best Spas and Health Centres both the Phytomer and the CACI range of products have demonstrated outstanding quality.


The CACI Microlift
CACI Microlift


CACI Microlift


The CACI MICROLIFT is unlike any other home facial treatment system. This unique device uses a patented muscle gripping action in combination with microcurrent stimulation. These tiny electrical impulses work in harmony with the body's bio-electrical field to gently and painlessly help tone the face, soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture to give a more youthful looking complexion.



Featuring dedicated treatment programs that target both muscle tone and wrinkles, the CACI MICROLIFT provides the ultimate 10 minute anti-ageing home facial routine. The Toning Program is a 5 minute treatment that gently tightens and firms facial muscles and the Wrinkles Program helps to improve skin texture and visibly reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.



Whilst the CACI MICROLIFT is an extremely effective personal toning device, to maximise your treatment results combine your home treatments with a selected sessions from the CACI Professional Salon treatments.



To further enhance your treatments results we recommend using the CACI Amino-Lift Peptide Complex as part of your CACI Microlift facial toning routine.


This award winning anti-ageing serum utilises a combination of clinically effective peptides and amino acids to help improve skin firmness and reduce expression lines and wrinkles. CACI Amino-Lift Peptide Complex have been shown to reduce wrinkle depth by an incredible 26% after just 28 days of usage and by up to 45% after 2 months usage* Apply to lines and wrinkles before commencing the CACI Microlift Wrinkles Program and to the entire face at the end of each treatment session.
*LIPOTEC SNAP-8 studies 2005, Sederma Matrixyl™ 3000 Studies 2004







As part of your CACI MICROLIFT treatment regime you'll also need CACI MICROLIFT ELECTRO BUDS®. ELECTRO BUDS® are innovative cotton buds filled with a powerful anti -ageing serum to assist the transmission of the electrical impulses and to enhance the firming action on the skin.







The Phytomer Range of Products


The cleansing and toning treatment products eliminate makeup and impurities while relaxing skin to gain the full benefit of treatment creams, masks, and serums. Among the marine-based active ingredients in the products, Sorenia, an aromatic marine water containing sea gorse, has exceptional soothing and relaxing properties. Skin is left clean, soft, and clear.




Through a combination of soothing marine active ingredients such as Marine Spring Water (a land-based source of sea water with a particularly high concentration of soothing minerals), the Douceur Marine treatments provide a real solution to the redness and warm sensations characteristic of sensitive skin while strengthening its natural defenses against daily aggressions: weather, pollution, stress, etc. These products are a true refuge for sensitive skin!




This high-performance product line was formulated by observing how the seaweed discovered in low-tide water defends itself against drying out in the sun and wind. These are the origins of Pheohydrane, a purified extract of the brown algae Laminaria digitata. It improves moisture fixation in the epidermis, providing an instant sensation of comfort and a moisturizing effect that increases from day to day. Your skin is left soft, comfortable, and ideally protected!



Preserve skin's youthfulness

Drawing on its renowned expertise in protecting the skin's youthfulness, Phytomer has selected the most effective active ingredients to target the problems of every stage in life. The first wrinkles are erased using an exceptional seaweed paste extracted from Undaria pinnatifida. Mature skin, at the same time, benefits from the incredible properties of Eternelle des Mers, extracted from thousand-year-old blue micro-algae, which is a potent weapon against wrinkles and slackening of mature skin.




Under constant attack (cigarette smoke, pollution, UV rays, stress, changes in the weather, fatigue, etc.), the skin becomes increasingly fragile and can no longer defend itself. Through its Anti-Pollution Complex with marine flowers (the combination of extracts from a coastal plant, Armeria Maritima, and a sea sugar), Marine Breeze helps the skin to free itself from toxins and breathe more deeply. Soothed and fortified, the skin receives all the benefits of the seaside!



Contouring and cellulite

Phytomer has developed high-performance products to reshape your figure. For even more effective results, our products are adapted to the needs of each woman, because general and localized plump areas are caused by different factors at different ages.


Contouring: Liftdéclic - Agedéclic


Cellulite is caused by specific mechanisms and can be reduced in different ways or deep-set. To ensure that each woman finds an effective response to her cellulite problems, Phytomer has developed targeted products for even greater results.



All products are tested under dermatological supervision.


From The CACI Range of Products


CACI Products




The Micromode Medical Skin Care Range has been specially formulated using the highest quality ingredients. The range is perfume free, hypo-allergenic and uses no artificial chemical colourings. It is cruelty free and against testing on animals.

A combination if essential oils and plant extracts have been used to work in harmony with the skin's natural PH balance and protect against free radicals, pollution, sun damage and moisture loss. The Serum Filled Cotton Buds contain Hexapeptides, designed to instantly firm, tone and redefine facial contours to give enhanced CACI results.

Key Ingredients:  Aloe Vera, Calendula oil, Vitamin E, Rose Water and Collagen.